Women's Health Specialties



The expectations and demands on women have increased as society has become more complex. On one hand, it is now “accepted” that women can do as much as, and anything, a man can. That includes career achievements as well as family building. And there is now the possibility of “banking eggs” as a way to postpone childrearing until a women chooses to start a family.

However, women are not the same as men. Their bodies are different, their hormones are different, their minds operate in a different manner, and they process emotions differently. So it would only make sense that what would make for optimal health for a woman is different than that for a man.

We strive to provide the care necessary to meet the unique requirements of women. We attend to the needs of the different age groups:

  • Young women with menstrual or hormonal irregularities, endometriosis, PCOS, perhaps needing birth control pill support.
  • Women with fertility concerns, and pre-conception health. For those women receiving reproductive assistance, we offer IVF support and pre and post implantation acupuncture.
  • Lastly, we offer healthy aging treatment; you don’t have to have a peri-menopause with lots of unpleasant symptoms.  Functional Medicine™ easily helps you to keep your mind sharp and bones strong, which is important as you age.

I look forward to working with you to help you become a healthy and happy woman. Please contact me with your questions.

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