I am a Functional Medicine™ Practitioner, Naturopath, Acupuncturist, and Homeopath with over 30 years of experience in providing Integrative Healthcare.

Perhaps you feel your health is heading down a slippery slope, and are feeling overwhelmed with how to take care of yourself and deal with your healthcare challenges. You also intuitively understand that given the right support and environment, your body has the ability to heal itself and are seeking a new approach for your health.

How do you achieve the sense of vitality you believe is possible? Through 30 years of clinical practice, I’ve learned there is always a “reason” for disease. It can take a while for all the pieces that create an illness to reveal themselves, which is why this is called root cause health care.

Lifestyle choices, as well as our choices in food production, are predisposing us to diseases that are more complex. Environmental changes are impacting our Earth’s climate, and you can see the interconnectedness of it all. You know, from personal experience, that the standard medical approach of “a pill for every disease” does not address the root cause of illness. It’s from this point of revelation we start the process of repair, restoration and healing – cultivating wellness.

I use many disciplines:

… to discover the root cause of disease. The practice of these disciplines creates the bases of a unique method, which is “The Lourie Process". A partnership is formed with my patients to investigate not only metabolic imbalances, which have contributed to their illness, but to also address the affected mind-body-spirit connection.

While it may not be possible to “cure” your disease, I believe it’s possible for all of us to have a higher level of health and feel better in the process. I look forward to assisting you with an alternative model of healthcare and help you achieve a new level of good health!

Welcome to my practice!