Super Dose Vitamin D


Super Dose Vitamin D

  • Supports bone strength
  • Supports modulation of immune function
  • Supports healthy cell differentiation
  • Supports neurological and cognitive health
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Super Dose Vitamin D

What is Super Dose Vitamin D?
Super Dose Vitamin D is a bio-identical form of vitamin D synthesized in the body.

What does Super Dose Vitamin D do?
Super Dose Vitamin D supplements naturally produced vitamin D to support immune, neurological, musculoskeletal, cellular, and cardivoascular health. Supports Vitamin D Repletion in Cases of Dietary Deficiency, Limited Sunlight Exposure, or use of depleting therapies.

How do I take Super Dose Vitamin D?
Take one to three capsules per day orally or as directed by your healthcare professional.

How is Super Dose Vitamin D formulated?
Does not contain wheat, gluten, corn, yeast, soy, dairy products, fish, shellfish, nuts, tree nuts, egg, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives.

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