The Healing Garden

Our Philosophy of Healing

A healthy garden has the same requirements as a healthy body and psyche. Whether it is a garden or a person, the same things are needed: nutrients, water, air, light and space.

When I first contemplated the Center it was surrounded by asphalt and I knew that wasn't the healing environment I had envisioned for my practice. I immediately began the process of replacing the asphalt with a beautiful, healing garden.

Careful attention to the garden in the Spring determines the health of the plants for the summer months. To ensure healthy plants, a huge truckload of organic soil is brought in and spread throughout the garden. Next, we fertilize the plants with nutrients and special microbes to ensure the health of the soil. Just as soil is the backbone of a healthy garden, so is nutrition for us.

It is then that I am able to look at the plants and see how they have grown in relationship to each other. Often a plant, even if very beautiful, needs to be removed for the overall health of the garden. So are there times when we must divest ourselves of patterns and relationships that have become unhealthy.

During the growing season, I am in the garden several times a week, trimming the plants in order to make sure there is enough space for them to develop. Just as the garden needs regular care, so is it very important for us to attend to our health, on a daily basis.

Another belief of mine is that art encourages healing. The art of the garden outside is reflected inside with original paintings on the walls. My entire focus was to create a place of soft vibrations and of healing energy, where people can come and heal their physical aches, as well as their inner grief and traumas.

The word to "heal" means to make whole. True healing integrates the body, mind & spirit. I am dedicated to helping you achieve that goal.