Naturopathic Health

I was drawn to Naturopathic Medicine for it’s perspective on disease and it’s approach to health. Naturopathic physicians view health from the “bottom up”. What exactly does that mean for you?

Treatment emphasizes prevention and considers all aspects of a person’s health. So if you have high blood pressure, your naturopathic physician will work with you to develop a program that includes stress reduction, an exercise regime that is possible with your likes and schedule, and help you develop healthy food choices for weight loss. In addition, further diagnostic testing might be ordered to see if there are underlying causes contributing to your hypertension, such as Metabolic Syndrome or Syndrome X, MTHFR factor which would create inflammation in your body, and testing for intestinal health.

Naturopathic physicians are trained at an accredited, four-year post-graduate educational institution.  In addition to standard medical diagnostic training, there are extensive classes in clinical nutrition, botanical and herbal medicine and lifestyle counseling. Naturopaths practice in conjunction with other health care providers and both refer to and accept referrals from across the medical spectrum.

One of the core concepts of The Lourie Process, Naturopathic medicine provides a patient-centered approach -- the most effective treatment for a patient’s individual needs.

Many of the treatments suggested are gentle, yet very effective approaches, to the prevention and treatment of illness. I have seen how with a little attention and focus, you can optimize your health for a healthier life.

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