Functional Medicine™


Functional Medicine™ is able to help you achieve health by:

  • addressing the whole person, rather than focusing on an isolated set of symptoms
  • considering the unique genetic makeup of the individual
  • factoring in lifestyle factors of diet and exercise, emotional factors of stress, quality and quantity of sleep, as well as satisfaction with life.
  • dedicated to addressing root causes of disease and committed to providing patient centered, quality health care with compassion, understanding and in the least invasive and non-toxic means possible. 

Functional Medicine™ achieves this by utilizing the latest laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques in order to both access and uncover the underlying causes of disease. Testing takes the guess work out of why you are sick and provides the objective measurements of the processes that are making you sick.

Good health and functional medicine

Treatments are evidence-based and involve a combination of botanical medicines, supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, acupuncture and stress-management techniques.

Functional Medicine™ is personalized health care at its best. We work in collaboration, and you take an active role in your health to achieve the highest expression of wellness.


You’re already on the path-just by reading this! I look forward to helping you on your road to optimal health.