Clinical Nutrition

Before moving to Portland, Oregon to attend The National College of Naturopathic Medicine, I was a chef.  I worked in different restaurants and owned a catering business in Philadelphia. I bring my love of well-prepared, good food to the work I do in my healing practice.

Several years of Clinical Nutrition courses while a student at NCNM, and countless hours in advanced Functional Medicine™ classes, have solidified my ability to apply the idea of “food as medicine”. I have witnessed the healing power of food and feel fresh, healthy food, simply prepared, should be available to everyone! But our society’s nutrition has been adversely compromised by industrial-farming methods, GMOs and too much processed (fast) food!

People have such busy lifestyles that the concept of “breaking bread” as a family, or as a group of friends, has fallen by the wayside. We’ve lost the connection to the essential ingredient that food represents- nourishment of the body and the soul.

Chronic illness is now viewed in relation to the interaction between the unique genetic profile of the person and the contribution of an unhealthy environment. All of these diseases, or metabolic imbalances, are no longer happening to random people but have become part of our life in the 21st century. Serious illness has become personal.

One of the main ways to return health to a personal level is through nutrition of food. Nutrition is similar to the foundation of a house. If the foundation of the house is not sturdy, the house will weaken and eventually collapse. Eating organic foods and making healthier food choices help rebuild the foundation for a healthier you!

Complex metabolic illnesses require a higher level of nutrition and it can be difficult to obtain your nutritional needs through food alone. Clinical Nutrition consists of the eating of specific foods, with the addition of nutritional supplements, to provide your body with the super-nutrition it requires and to promote your optimal health. Smarter food choices as well as nutritional supplements can effectively treat many medical conditions with fewer complications and side effects.

Clinical Nutrition with targeted supplementation can:

  • Reduce risk factors and dependency on medications
  • Provide you with improved clinical outcomes over dietary changes alone
  • Are backed by a body of research
  • Can reverse Metabolic Syndromes of Diabetes, Obesity, and Inflammatory Processes

The healing power of food and nutritional supplements are an important part of The Lourie Process.