Integrative Health

Our Natural Health Care & Healing Center employs a synthesized process to provide a thorough diagnosis and prescription for optimum well-being and health called The Lourie Process. Based on a deep understanding of the person as a unique whole: Body, Mind & Spirit, our integrated natural health care approach treats the underlying causes of disease and well being.

Utilizing our patient specific integrated natural health care approach, The Lourie Process produces dramatic results for acute and chronic conditions, as well as long-term good health.

With almost three decades of experience and training, The Lourie Process has treated thousands of patients successfully utilizing:

The Lourie Process has created successful customized patient-specific results for many conditions that include:

We welcome the opportunity to create a customized health care treatment plan to help you achieve vibrant health and  a sense of well-being. 

I offer a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation and look forward to your call!