Integrative Health

I have always been drawn to helping people navigate through the ordeal of chronic and challening illnesses. Over the past ten years, I've seen the nature of illness become more complex, often affecting a person's health on a deeper layer. This requires a more comprehensive approach to your health than a brief office visit and a prescription for a drug.

Your journey towards health begins with a thorough intake, with careful listening and the ability to obtain a detailed and accurate history. The food you eat, the stress in your life, your job satisfaction, what you do for joy and fun, genetic and lifestyle factors, are all taken into consideration for the influence they have on the creation of your illness or disease, as well as your health. 

With this deep understanding of the person as a unique whole: Body, Mind & Spirit, our integrated natural health care approach treats the underlying causes of disease and well being. Our mission is to provide you with as optimal health as possible.

We combine science-based diagnosis and treatment with the adjunctive therapies of:

Of course, it's also necessary to address the underlying emotional and spiritual aspects of chronic disease. Healing necessitates tending to all these areas, in order to re-establish and gain wholeness and wellness.

The Lourie Process has created successful customized patient-specific results for many conditions that include:

I am dedicated to forming healing partnershps with my patients. I look forward to working with you in the context of your pain, illness and path toward transformation and health.

I offer a 15-minute complimentary phone consultation and look forward to your call!